How to Get Rid of Your Man Boobs

April 10, 2017

The ideal man's physique consists of tight pectorals and ripped abs, but the truth of the matter is - the majority of the men do not look like that.

Many men are searching for methods on how to get rid of their man boobs, also called Gynecomastia. For these men, the excessive fat tissue they carry in their breast area is extremely embarrassing. This embarrassment can lead to a lowered self esteem and even depression.

Gynecomastia is caused by many different causes. For the most part, it is because of obesity or excessive weight gain. It can also be a side effect of certain medications or drug use. Usually it's an imbalance of hormones that begins during adolescence which causes it, . If you're eager to learn how to lose your man boobs, then keep reading and let's get to work.

The best method on how to rid yourself of your man boobs is through exercise and proper nutrition, period.


man-boobs-musclesExercises that focus on building muscle in the pectoral areas and interval training workouts are best for burning the excess fat in your chest area.

If you're a basketball player then you'll also be happy to know that vertical jump training and plyometrics help with this issue, so you can kill 2 birds in one stone by training to jump higher and shedding off your "moobs".

Building muscle mass and intense interval workouts don't have to be hour long sessions. In fact, you can make major changes to your physique with workouts that last twenty to thirty minutes. These workouts should have adequate intensity, however, given the right program, you can make radical changes in a relatively short time frame.


Diet also plays a major part in how to make those boobs disappear. Focus on cutting out poor food choices such as processed foods, fast food, and foods with a lot of sugar and fat. Get rid of soda, sugary juices, alcohol, and other drinks that are high in sugar, carbs and calories. Just eliminating empty calories from these drinks will help you lose the man bra.

moobs-shirtYour diet should consist of eating natural, whole foods that are usually found on the perimeter of the grocery store. Spend the majority of your grocery bill in the produce section, meat department, and dairy aisle.

When you follow these steps on how to lose man boobs, you can see dramatic changes in just a few weeks. The results will depend on how committed you are on following the correct advice regarding nutrition and exercise.

It is very upsetting for someone to have to deal with this issue, but it's important to face it and take the necessary steps in order to eliminate this embarrassing problem. The choice is up to you. You can either continue living as you have been up until this point, or you can get started in a program that will help you lose your embarrassing man boobs.

Things That Athletes Should Never Do in Vertical Leap Training

October 4, 2014


Many individuals are searching for a special technique that would enable them to jump high. But sad to say, there is actually no magic, as the ultimate way to enhance this ability only comes through doing different exercises. There are numerous people who find vertical leap training program advantageous, but one cannot achieve good results if it isn’t done the right way. You're guaranteed to fall short in your attempt to enhance your jump if you get on with this mistaken practice.

Your aerobic...


Jump Higher With The Following 3 Factors

July 10, 2014

If you want to be on the side of the team that wins and dominates the court, then each of your teammates should have his own individual skills sharpened. When each player engages in various training routines, it benefits the entire team and opens up a lot more options for everyone.

One thing that affects a team's performance the most is its players vertical leap height. As such, each workout the team does should contain at least some elements of vertical jump training to further improve the team's performance from an athletic stand point.

Yet not all athletes are born equal. This is especially true on the subject of jumping high. Some will be more gifted than others.

Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to add inches to your jumping height.

Here's some of them.

Work Your Legs Routinely

jump-drillTo start increasing your vertical, before you do anything, you must first test your vertical jump and take note of that, as this will provide a reference point later on when you go through the training.

When beginning to train for a higher vertical leap the best way to go at it is to work in increasing your body’s muscles and strength. To do that, your first course of action would be to set a routinely workout plan for yourself.

Your workout routine should emphasize the work on your lower body so you develop muscles where it matters most, in the legs. More muscle mass in your legs means you’ll have more strength to jump higher and move faster.

'Pumping iron' (weight lifting for those who are not familiar with the term) or other ways to improve your strength are highly essential with regards to jumping. However, beware of doing too much rigorous workouts as that could render you slower than normal.

Stretch Those Muscles

Stretching and flexibility routines are known to increase the strength and speed of your legs and enhance your vertical leap height. The best thing about this workout is that even if it forces you to use major muscle groups, it wouldn’t lead to injuries. These drills are primarily designed to improve your overall muscle quality and ligaments stability. If followed correctly, you should be able to jump high more easily since the muscles will be more loose and will suffer from hyper tension during activation.


You’ll be able to reach higher heights with your jumps if your muscles are flexible enough. It’s essential that you learn which muscles to focus on so that it will be simpler for you to enhance your jumping skill.

The Core Is The Foundation

One of the body parts that you should build up is your core strength because this will help your body to be more prepared when coming to the jump. Some of the workout routines that you can do to work on your core are plank variations and one-legged squats. Remember that core strength is required together with leg agility and strength in order to achieve a high jump.

Strengthening your leg muscles and core is not easy because they tax the body the most, but they're also the ones most worthy to work on as enhancing them usually yields the best results.

Nonetheless, you must also be careful not to do too much intense strengthening workouts as it might put too much strain on your body and prevent from making progress.


The Jump Manual is one of the greatest vertical leap training courses you can use to boost your vertical leap height. The program has systematic workout plans that would make you jump high right away. In addition, it also tackles the aspect of nutrition because proper nutrition is critical when training your vertical jump.

With the jump manual you will certainly improve your lower body strength through training and good dieting. As a result, your game performance will also enhance and your athletic ability will rise to new levels.


How To Jump Higher and Dunk With The Jump Manual

May 25, 2014

Are you coming a bit short when going for dunk? Are your jump shot attempts constantly being deflected by the defense? You probably need to starting working on your vertical jump.

The problem is there's so much misinformation out there today when it comes to increasing your vertical leap.

A common thing that I'm constantly seeing people do ineffectively is when they focus on exercises that don't help them make progress and they don't apply the right principles to their workouts.

How Do You Know If You're Training Right?

Well first of all, as basketball player you need proof and a plan that the training you're about to take is going to produce you with results.

My suggestion is this, don't try to invent the wheel, follow what's already working and copy it.

What I mean by that is don't go out there and try to come up with your own blueprint for training, find a blueprint that is already working and use it.

So if you are willing and able to put in the time and energy required (physically and mentally) and you're ready to take responsibility to learn about proper training, then you'll want to try out the Jump Manual!


The Jump Manual is a program that is all about increasing your vertical jump. If you play basketball and you're trying to improve your jumping skills, then this manual is just for you. So far the program has worked extremely well for many different athletes from various age groups and it has proven itself in terms of effectiveness.

Dunking, blocking shots, rebounding.. you name it - the Jump Manual targets all of these things and it increases your vertical jump altogether.

Why Should You Work With A Jump Manual?

Well, jumping is one of the most important skills in basketball, you do so much of it that it's of utmost importance that you improve this skill if you want to excel in the game, and that's what this program aiming to do!

So far, the jump manual has proven to be quite effective (87% satisfaction rate) and by exploring what it has to offer you will find that it not only helps you jump hifher, but it also increases your overall athletic capacity!


How Do You Know If The Jump Manual Delivers Results?

Well, think about it..

All the training principles that are being taught in this program make perfectly sense. If the training principles did not make sense then you would know it's BS, but it's not, because The Jump manual is all about strength and quickness. When strength and quickness training are combined you get the best results.

This is what we all want, isn't it?

An explosive vertical leap that sends us high above the rim.

The Jump manual offers a multi-faceted approach to the training structure. This approach is super efficient because it helps you to get greater and faster results in less amount of time.

The manual also covers the subject of nutrition. Nutrition is of course discipline, and you need to master the art of self control to reap the benefits that nutrition can give you. But it's one of the most important practices that lead to success.

With vertical jump training, if you're not taking a serious approach about it and you're not practicing correctly, let me tell you right now, you're not going to see much of results. This program however eliminates all that for you if you follow it will take you to your maximum physical capacity.


What players are looking for is ultimately the secret to pushing and exerting themselves to the max. The Jump Manual does just that. It's about improvement and great results.

If you want to increase your jump in the next two weeks or sooner this program is for you.

But before you dive yourself to the training, let me warn you.

If you lack the discipline, techniques, and nutrition to effectively complete a program then you will fail. The Jump Manual gives you all the secrets to creating the best explosive vertical jump.

Most coaches and trainers are ignorant in regards to proper jump training, so they can't be reliable source to rely on if you're planning on obtaining jumping abilities of a pro athlete.

The solution is finding the right information and putting it to work. Jacob Hiller has this information; he's been perfecting it for over ten years and on the course of that time his program was featured in many places, even on ESPN.

How do you know his testimonials are real?

Firstly, there are many legit reviews out there, a good one will be the review on Basketball Workout Tips, that proves that the jump manual is really legitimate program.

Secondly, it's the results. The program guarantees results. If you don't start seeing results in 60 days, then you get your money back! What can be better than that?

In conclusion, if you want a serious program that you could add to your basketball routine to start jumping higher, then you might want use the jump manual as the risks with this program are low and the rewards are high.

jump manual

For more info about Jacob Hiller's jump manual, head over to the Jumpmanualblog or Basketball Workout Tips at

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