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Things That Athletes Should Never Do in Vertical Leap Training

Posted by Sean Jenkins on Saturday, October 4, 2014, In : Vertical Jumping 


Many individuals are searching for a special technique that would enable them to jump high. But sad to say, there is actually no magic, as the ultimate way to enhance this ability only comes through doing different exercises. There are numerous people who find vertical leap training program advantageous, but one cannot achieve good results if it isn’t done the right way. You're guaranteed to fall short in your attempt to enhance your jump if you get on with this mistaken practice.

Your aerob...

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Jump Higher With The Following 3 Factors

Posted by Sean Jenkins on Thursday, July 10, 2014, In : Vertical Jumping 

If you want to be on the side of the team that wins and dominates the court, then each of your teammates should have his own individual skills sharpened. When each player engages in various training routines, it benefits the entire team and opens up a lot more options for everyone.

One thing that affects a team's performance the most is its players vertical leap height. As such, each workout the team does should contain at least some elements of vertical jump training to further improve the te...

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