The ideal man's physique consists of tight pectorals and ripped abs, but the truth of the matter is - the majority of the men do not look like that.

Many men are searching for methods on how to get rid of their man boobs, also called Gynecomastia. For these men, the excessive fat tissue they carry in their breast area is extremely embarrassing. This embarrassment can lead to a lowered self esteem and even depression.

Gynecomastia is caused by many different causes. For the most part, it is because of obesity or excessive weight gain. It can also be a side effect of certain medications or drug use. Usually it's an imbalance of hormones that begins during adolescence which causes it, . If you're eager to learn how to lose your man boobs, then keep reading and let's get to work.

The best method on how to rid yourself of your man boobs is through exercise and proper nutrition, period.


man-boobs-musclesExercises that focus on building muscle in the pectoral areas and interval training workouts are best for burning the excess fat in your chest area.

If you're a basketball player then you'll also be happy to know that vertical jump training and plyometrics help with this issue, so you can kill 2 birds in one stone by training to jump higher and shedding off your "moobs".

Building muscle mass and intense interval workouts don't have to be hour long sessions. In fact, you can make major changes to your physique with workouts that last twenty to thirty minutes. These workouts should have adequate intensity, however, given the right program, you can make radical changes in a relatively short time frame.


Diet also plays a major part in how to make those boobs disappear. Focus on cutting out poor food choices such as processed foods, fast food, and foods with a lot of sugar and fat. Get rid of soda, sugary juices, alcohol, and other drinks that are high in sugar, carbs and calories. Just eliminating empty calories from these drinks will help you lose the man bra.

moobs-shirtYour diet should consist of eating natural, whole foods that are usually found on the perimeter of the grocery store. Spend the majority of your grocery bill in the produce section, meat department, and dairy aisle.

When you follow these steps on how to lose man boobs, you can see dramatic changes in just a few weeks. The results will depend on how committed you are on following the correct advice regarding nutrition and exercise.

It is very upsetting for someone to have to deal with this issue, but it's important to face it and take the necessary steps in order to eliminate this embarrassing problem. The choice is up to you. You can either continue living as you have been up until this point, or you can get started in a program that will help you lose your embarrassing man boobs.